Thisvi Industrial Area is located within the boundaries of Thisvi Municipal Unit, Municipality of Thiva, Regional Unit of Viotia, whose seat is in Thisvi; it is the only institutionalized industrial area in Regional Unit of Viotia, where limits, size, purpose and land use have been determined (L. 4458/65 and L. 742/77) from ETVA S.A.

The area hosts productive activities of secondary sector, which operates on the basis of the regulation approved by the Ministry of Development, and has common facilities, while also providing common services to established companies and their employees. It has a gross surface area of 3,987,000 sq. m. and has appointed an approved Master Plan and specific Planning Regulations. It consists of seven building blocks, which cover an area of 2,039,000 sq. m., and ensures companies favorable terms of construction, uninterrupted and qualitative operation in a clean, functional and rationally organized environment.

Thisvi Industrial Area may also host companies providing services, which shall serve the established companies and the surrounding areas, as well.

In Thisvi Industrial Area are located 7 companies employing approximately 600 people. An Environmental Management System certified according to ISO 14001 is applied, there are green areas and new ones are created, while a modern waste water treatment facility is being operated.

Thisvi Industrial Area is currently administered and managed by the company entitled Administration and Management Thisvi Viotia Industrial Area S.A. (Dia.Vi.Pe.Thi.V. S.A.), on the basis of its subjection to Law 2545/97 on “Industrial and Business Areas” and constitutes the successor of ETVA S.A.

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