Operating Regulations

The purpose of the Operating Regulations of Thisvi Industrial Area (GG 958/B/22.05.2009) along with its amendment (GG 2338 / B / 11.07.2017) is to determine the institutional and regulatory framework for operation of the companies established in the industrial area, as well as the rights and obligations of the management and administrative body. The administration and management body of Thisvi Industrial Area according to L. 2545/1997 (GG 254 A’) on “Industrial and Business Areas,” is the company entitled “Administration & Management Thisvi Viotia Industrial Area S.A. “(Dia.Vi.Pe.Thi.V. S.A.), which has been established by the owners and land users of the industrial area.

In particular, the Operating Regulations determine the following:

  • conditions, terms and procedures for the establishment of companies in Thisvi Industrial Area;
  • infrastructure, layout and obligations of the companies established there;
  • administration and exploitation of Thisvi Industrial Area port facilities;
  • maintenance of infrastructure and operating equipment of Thisvi Industrial Area port facilities;
  • settlement of common expenses at the Industrial Area;
  • security and environmental protection.
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