Health and safety

Dia.Vi.Pe.Thi.V. S.A., having as its primary objective the health and safety of employees, develops appropriate tools and techniques and sets comparable goals in order to ensure continuous improvement in health and safety. Moreover, promotes good practices, in order to foster employee culture thereof.

Dia.Vi.Pe.Thi.V. S.A., in order to maintain a high level of health and safety in Thisvi Industrial Area, invests in areas such as infrastructure, personal protective equipment, maintenance of firefighting equipment, medical services, measurements, studies, employee training, traffic signs and improvements on industrial area roads, as well as in preventive measures of health and environmental concern. In addition, the Company has a modern and adequately-equipped ambulance with trained employees for servicing emergencies within Thisvi industrial area.

In Thisvi port facilities, in particular, emphasis has been given in constructing and operating infrastructure that protect ships from various types of accident, and in the use of personal protective equipment. In addition, port facilities employees participate, at regular intervals, in drills, first aid courses and trainings that promote health and safety culture.

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