Port facility Οperating Regulations

The operation of Thisvi Port Facilities is regulated by the General Regulation and the special regulations of each port.

Dia.Vi.Pe.Thi.V. S.A. is the body that operates and manages Thisvi Port Facilities and cooperates with local Port Authorities on all the issues above.

Amongst other, the Antikyra General Operating Regulation regulates issues concerning the following:

• Piloting and pratique;

• Sanitation;

• Ship movement, anchoring and mooring;

• Safe navigation;

• Authentication of shipping documents;

• Vessel grounding and shipwrecks;

• Maritime traffic statistical bulletins;

• Foreign ships, crew outings, ship visits;

• Ships’ safety measures;

• Orderly embarkation or disembarkation;

• Behaviour of crews and passengers;

• Routes;

• Management and type of permits;

• Shipping agents;

• Boatmen;

• Ship loading/unloading and stevedores;

• Movement of vehicles.

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