• ETVA S.A. was authorised by the Prefect of Viotia (decision no 5763 / 05.23.1988), to  execute works within the limits of coast line and seashore, for fifty years.
  • ETVA S.A. began port facilities works (docks A, B, C, D), which were completed in 1990.


  • The Hydrographic Service of the Hellenic Navy General Staff (HNGS) prepared detailed bathymetric charts and an international navigation map for the safe crossing of the bay, where Thisvi port facilities are located. Prior to that, the Lighthouses Service of HNGS placed five lighthouses, for bay light marking.
  • The Minister of Finance granted to Corinth Pipeworks S.A. for five years the right of parallel use of seashore and coastline and the parallel right of using and exploiting existing port facilities infrastructure, built by ETVA and owned by the State.
  • The Ministry of Mercantile Marine held a meeting with all authorities involved in Thisvi Port facilities operation and set out its terms and conditions thereof. The minutes of meeting were signed by all participants on 17/09/1999, with protocol no. YEN 3117.1 / Φ.54 / ΥΠ 11/01 - 10/12/1999.
  • Cooperation with a specialised company for the protection of marine environment.
  • On 26/09//1999 Thisvi port facilities started operating for the first time since its construction, with the approach of a ship from Turkey, which carried the first machinery for Corinth Pipeworks’ plant in Thisvi Industrial Area.
  • First investments of about € 1.2 million on basic equipment were made. Thisvi Port Facilities acquired crane track-based A (PEINER) and power supply from Corinth Pipeworks’ plant.


  • A ship with the first 1,000 tonnes of hot rolled coils, which are used in steel pipe manufacturing, approached Thisvi Port Facilities (22/07/2000).
  • Completion of first investments.


  • Ministers of Development and Environment issued a joint decision no. 9224/435 / 12.4.2001 (GG 499 B'), describing Thisvi port facilities location (docks A B, C and D) in bay of Nousa, Viotia within the limits of Thisvi Industrial Area.
  • Dia.Vi.Pe.Thi.V. S.A. is founded as the management and administration body of Thisvi Industrial Area, in the southern limits of which are its port facilities.
  • ETVA S.A. transferred, inter alia, to its successor Dia.Vi.Pe.Thi.V. S.A. the right to use the seashore and coastline for execution of works, that held until the year 2038, pursuant to the provisions of Law 2545/97.
  • ETVA S.A. and Dia.Vi.Pe.Thi.V. S.A. signed a delivery – acceptance protocol of infrastructure, where ETVA S.A. delivers to  Dia.Vi.Pe.Thi.V. S.A. port facilities along with other construction works.


  • Dia.Vi.Pe.Thi.V. S.A. prepared, compulsorily, a Port Facility Security Plan for Thisvi Industrial Area Port Facilities in line with the provisions of International Ship and Port Facilities Security Code (ISPS Code) and is among the first ports in Greece who received the respective certification (code GRITA 0001).
  • An investment of € 1.3 million made for security measures in line with Port Facility Security Plan and for floor restoration of docks A and B (completion year 2008).


Dia.Vi.Pe.Thi.V. S.A. purchased complete equipment to prevent marine pollution, under the approved contingency plan.


  • Environmental Management System of Thisvi Industrial Area (port facilities are included) was certified in accordance with the international standard ISO14001.
  • Dia.Vi.Pe.Thi.V. S.A. purchased boat "DIANTHIA" to be included in the marine anti-pollution equipment.


Dia.Vi.Pe.Thi.V. S.A. granted the right to use the coastline and seashore, as well as the right to use and exploit Thisvi Port Facilities until 31/12/2043, following the relevant joint decision of respective Ministries.


Dock C floor restoration is completed and fire-fighting system is installed.


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