Voluntary cleanup of Saranti beach

On Friday, May 18, 2018, a voluntary cleanup of Saranti beach was carried out with the voluntary participation of students and professors of Domvraina Gymnasium and Lyceum Classes. The action was initiated by Dia.Vi.Pe.Thi.V. and sponsored by Corinth Pipeworks and is part of "Let's Clean Up Europe" campaign of HELMEPA. The campaign aims to communicate the fact that although 70% of litter originates from inner land, much of this ends up as marine litter since it is transported from the mountains to coastal areas via wind, rivers and the road network.  

The cleanup action started with a short presentation from HELMEPA expert on the uncontrolled dimensions of marine and coastal litter problem, especially plastic pollution and the  duty to become part of the solution by reducing the amount of waste we generate, recycling and participating in cleanup and awareness raising actions. Then the students were divided into three groups and started cleanup, gathering plastic, cigarette butts and glass. Both students and professors were pleased by volunteering to the cause. The Head of local Coast Guard Department and Dia.Vi.Pe.Thi.V. representatives were attended the event.

Dia.Vi.Pe.Thi.V. is a HELMEPA member since 2011 supporting its initiatives to safeguard the seas from ship-generated pollution.

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