2017 Epiphany Blessing Ceremony in port facilities of Thisvi Industrial Area

As every year, the Epiphany Blessing Ceremony held in port facilities of Thisvi Industrial Area. The ritual of making water sacred was performed by priests Stylianos Kalogerakis from Dombraina church and Apostolos Katsavrias from Thisvi church. Two bold swimmers respected the tradition and dived into the cold sea water to catch the Holy Cross at once the priests threw it in the sea. Lucky was the fourteenth Paraskevas Lambrou, resident of the village Mavromati.

Despite the extreme weather conditions prevailing in the region the Epiphany Blessing Ceremony in Thisvi port facilities was attended by representatives of: (1) Dia.Vi.Pe.Thi.V.’s Board of Directors, (2) companies established in Thisvi Industrial Area, and (3) Local and Regional Authorities, as well as by many of local residents from near villages and workers from the factories operated in the industrial Area of Thisvi.

At this special day for the Epiphany Blessing Ceremony, the entrance of people as every year is allowed in Thisvi port facilities. 

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