Thisvi Industrial Area operates within the administrative limits of Thisvi Municipal Unit. Primary objective of Dia.Vi.Pe.Thi.V. (the administrative body of Thisvi Industrial Area) is to implement its environmental commitments and collaborate with local communities, aiming at harmonious coexistence and uninterrupted balanced development of the region.

The open city spatial and housing organization plan of Thisvi Municipal Unit defines the framework and management of issues related to the structural plan of spatial organization, the organization of land uses, environmental protection, archeological and Byzantine sites and monuments, the general urban organization and regulation of housing habitants, infrastructure, the program for activating the plan, as well as other related issues The Open City Spatial and Housing Organisation Plan of Thisvi Municipal Unit, Municipality of Thiva, was approved under the decision 2856/157957/2017 of the Decentralized Administration Coordinator and published on the Government Gazette 244/ AAP/2017. The plan includes the industrial area of Thisvi and in particular the land as defined by the Government Gazettes 523/B /87, 713/B /88, 499/B/2001 and 56/AAP/2006.

Data provided by the Chamber of Viotia for the year 2015, indicate that 184 businesses were located in Thisvi Municipal Unit and the surrounding area of Thisvi Industrial Area, while the corresponding figure for 2000 (year before industrial area began to operate) was 68, representing an increase of 163%. Businesses are, mainly, related to power plants, crafts, cottage industries, wineries, grain mills, dairies, olive mills, catering and hospitality services, garages, warehouses, while people involved in the primary sector are related to agricultural crops (especially olive) and livestock (lambs, ostriches).

In particular, the operation of Thisvi Industrial Area (2001) contributed to the development of local communities and the wider region of Viotia, through:

  1. Retaining villages' population;
  2. employment increase, since the majority of employees working in Thisvi Industrial Area come from local communities and the wider region of Regional Unit of Viotia;
  3. cooperation by priority with local businesses for the procurement of goods and services;
  4. strengthening local entrepreneurship;<%2
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