Waste water treatment facility

During 2008, Dia.Vi.Pe.Thi.V. S.A. completed infrastructure works (phase A) and put into operation a modern waste water treatment facility (WWTF), which serves the needs of the companies established in Thisvi Industrial Area.

Thisvi Industrial Area waste water treatment facility, applies the method of active sludge with prolonged ventilation, with simultaneous stabilization of sludge and tertiary wastewater treatment. Liquid waste is urban and industrial waste water coming from the companies established in the industrial area.

Dia.Vi.Pe.Thi.V. S.A. employs qualified and appropriately trained staff ensuring quality results. Treated waste water of WWTF is available for restricted irrigation of green areas (grass, trees and bushes) through appropriate irrigation system.

The scientific staff of WWTF performs regularly analyses of treated wastewater samples, in order to define quality characteristics and to ensure full compliance with existing legislation. Meanwhile, the staff of WWTF monthly receives a sample of treated wastewater, which is sent to an external accredited laboratory for further chemical and microbiological analyses.

Additionally, Dia.Vi.Pe.Thi.V. S.A. cooperates with appropriate licensed contractors for the collection, transportation and further use of treated sludge coming from waste water treatment  facility.

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