Environmental management

Dia.Vi.Pe.Thi.V.’s commitment to protecting the environment is a fundamental principle and a main pillar of its daily operation. Its commitment is based on:

  • the environmentally sound management of waste produced by its activities;
  • the creation and protection of green areas, as well as the preservation of the area’s characteristics;
  • compliance with the operating regulations and town plan regulations of the Industrial Area by the established companies.

Specifically, Dia.Vi.Pe.Thi.V. S.A. uses its approved Town Plan to gradually develop infrastructure and implements an environmental management programme according to which:

  • it has planted trees and bushes and created green areas along its main road, from the entrance of the Industrial Area to Thisvi Port Facilities and common Block 6 of Thisvi Industrial Area. More than 5,000 bushes and trees have been planted, while additional planting is in progress. Thisvi Industrial Area’s planting is based on a report carried out by the Agricultural University of Athens. This report took into account factors such as area’s flora, plants’ watering needs, water resources’ availability etc., in order to protect area’s ecosystem and preserve natural resources.
  • it cooperates exclusively with licensed waste management companies for collection, transportation and recovery of waste and recyclable materials. The Company has environmental license which describes in detail the amounts of waste produced by its operations and their management method.
  • it has an approved waste management plan for receiving ship generated waste approaching port facilities of Thisvi Industrial Area.
  • it operates a modern Waste Water Treatment Facility (WWTF) where urban and industrial waste from Thisvi Industrial Area is treated. The treated water is utilized in the Industrial Area’s irrigation network for its plants watering needs, thus achieving water savings. Regular measurements for ensuring the quality of the processed water are conducted by skilled employees, keeping a relevant file.
  • it has prepared and implements a prevention plan for maritime pollution, according to which it has purchased the necessary equipment and regularly carries out drills to protect the marine environment.
  • it has installed energy-saving lamps (LED) at Thisvi port area.


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